Our Talented Architectural Team: Meet Accounting Specialist, Lisa Hall.
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Ian Griffith


Ian’s passion for drawing and making led him to earn a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Rice University. With artistic and technical skills, he seeks to create architecture that is wholesome and improves the experience of users. Ian is inspired by the idea generation process at Duda|Paine, where he integrates his creative impulses with an analytical sensibility that is achieved through innovative architectural design.


What aspect of your job most interests you?

I am most motivated when I get involved in the early stages of design and get to see how a design moves from an initial idea through all the necessary tests and constraints to ultimately render a finished product. I am very interested in what it takes to make ideas work in the real world. This again relates to my appreciation for balance of creative and analytic thinking in the practice of architecture.


Anything else you think we should know about you?

Outside of architecture, I enjoy weightlifting and playing guitar as well as upright and electric bass in my free time.