Keri Welch - Duda|Paine Architects
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Keri Welch


Keri is an outgoing and optimistic designer with a passion for serving others through architecture and diplomacy. She brings creativity, a sense of service, and passion for exploration and improving the lives of others to Duda|Paine’s studio and projects.


Favorite Duda|Paine project?

I had the pleasure of working on the Appalachian State University master plan where Duda|Paine hosted a design charrette for local stakeholders in Boone, North Carolina. Working closely with communities in crafting public spaces that engage and empower lies at the heart of my passion for architecture.


What attracted you to the architectural field?

Having the ability to influence the way people view themselves, others and the environment through design is a powerful thing!


What aspect of your job are you most motivated by?

I love working closely with clients to translate their needs and ideas into a vision that will improve their future.


Anything else you’d like to share?

I’m a Wisconsin/Minnesota transplant who is in a constant state of growth and exploration!