Tyler Morra, Member of Duda Paine’s design process
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Tyler Morra


Tyler’s interest in the dialogue between architecture and its users closely aligns with Duda|Paine’s design process and culture. He supports an experiential and user centric approach to design.


Favorite Duda|Paine project?

The Quiet Room: it pairs a moment of inward reflection and meditation with the tactile and atmospheric presence of its architecture. The Quiet Room is a space that gains meaning through use and allows the architecture to mold accordingly.


What attracted you to the architectural field?

I’ve always had the desire to make things and can hardly think of a more impactful channel for making than architecture. I’m also happy to be a part of the impact that architects have on the day-to-day experiences of people.


Anything else you’d like to share?

I find that the diversity of culture, mostly as experienced through travel, has been my greatest teacher both in studying and practicing architecture.