Pioneer's unique office headquarters building design by Duda Paine
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Pioneer Natural Resources Headquarters

The vision for Pioneer’s new headquarters is the creation of a unified, forward-thinking complex founded both in the organization’s culture and in Pioneer’s appreciation for the larger community of Irving. Fostering a “family like” work environment for the 35-acre project found inspiration in a critical aspect of the work and mission of employees—the exploration of the earth’s layers—and in the history and beauty of the building site.


Situated on the highest point in the area as part of a larger mixed-use development, the complex of two building wings flanking a central collaboration hub will include extensive amenities such as an employee cafeteria, coffee shop, daycare center and fitness center. The building form and its patterned curtainwall exterior present a progressive and contemporary profile. The design focuses on collaboration, flexibility, high-tech systems and environmental stewardship. Interior spaces will facilitate flexible working and meeting styles, employee interaction and engagement, and provide spaces for the socializing and impromptu conversations that foster innovation. The ground level merges with and opens to its surroundings, providing employees ready access to nature as part of their everyday work environment.





Irving, Texas


1.1 M sf