Time Warner Cable Corporate Campus - Duda|Paine Architects
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Time Warner Cable Corporate Campus

Time Warner relocated 1,200 employees to this new headquarters campus site of open pasture, forest and wetlands. Site design began with a simple shift of the ever-present suburban parking lot to the property’s edge. Covered walkways and pedestrian paths make the parking accessible and encourage activity for staff. The shift allowed the creation of an expansive forecourt of gardens, water features and walking paths. The formal quality of the gardens is reinforced by another site plan shift: the stair-stepped arrangement of the three buildings ensures open views from all offices.


Each building includes a tall, welcoming ‘front porch.’ Elevations fronting the formal gardens features a rigorous grid of varying shades of spandrel glass and stone, which contrasts with a more playful, free form pattern facing the wetlands. This interplay between regular and seemingly random configurations conveys the essence of each realm—the rational, bounded gardens provide clarity and the native landscape beyond inspires inquiry. To further highlight the relationship between built form and nature, façade grid patterns extend from the buildings into the gardens and a central reflecting pool.









Charlotte, North Carolina


330,000 sf, 45-acre campus


LEED Silver Certified (Interiors)