Sustainable Architecture Built To Endure From Duda Paine
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Passive Systems

The environment’s natural forces are our strongest and most cost-effective systems to reduce energy consumption, increase comfort and enhance our relationship with our world. For every project, we look to nature as our guide through:

  • Building orientation
  • Wind flow
  • Natural light
  • Integration with the landscape


Active Features

Layering technical features—green roofs, solar photovoltaics, rainwater harvesting, thermal controls, healthy materials and stormwater control to name just a few—with passive systems holistically brings environmental design to every project regardless of set goals.


High-Performance Curtain Walls

Curtain wall system design transforms aesthetic qualities into high-performance building envelops. Our process balances occupant views and demand for natural light with building performance to mediate between exterior and interior environments.


Public Spaces

Public spaces strengthen communities and improve social well-being and our quality of life. They connect the human spirit with the spirit of place. Outdoor public green spaces ensure our collective connection to the outdoors and to our native landscape.