Using Architectural Tools and Technology For Better Design
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We see the value of a well-rounded ‘toolkit’ that includes diverse methods, materials and technologies for generating and exploring solutions to a specific design problem.


Digital Tools

Our use of digital resources focuses on enhancing creativity, engaging our clients in the design process, informing decision-making and ensuring design quality. We utilize multiple digital platforms and applications that work together and in real-time. Digital tools allow us the ability to cost-effectively generate multiple options, ensure better integrated projects, and provide clients more information, more rapidly, than ever before.


Physical Models

We approach the creation of models not as abstract representation, but as tools that promote understanding. When a physical model is placed in front of a client, they can project themselves inside the form without the filter of a digital lens. A model is a tangible expression of architecture that allows us to complete the conceptual bridge from abstract representation to the experience of a building design.