Our Talented Architectural Team: Meet Accounting Specialist, Lisa Hall.
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Emma Sweeten


For Emma, architecture and design offer limitless possibilities. Growing up, she sustained a constant rotation of different hobbies and interests. Joining a professional field that reflected that swirl of engagement felt natural. The intermingling of approaches to design continues to fuel her excitement and passion for architecture. It’s one reason the Duke Student Wellness Center stands out to her as a beautiful example of how design can articulate intersection and adjacencies. Emma is inspired by the project’s material choices and massing and by the “Health and Wellness” program, which elicits a sense of calm throughout the building.


Emma brings skills in sketching, architectural theory and writing. The opportunity to grow at Duda|Paine motivates her: as a designer, collaborator, thinker, model builder, colleague and problem-solver. She is continuously absorbing ideas, including new recipes, kayak spots, nature trails and future travel destinations.