Our Talented Architectural Team: Meet Accounting Specialist, Lisa Hall.
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Jae Cheon


Jae’s background in Philosophy, Biology and Chemistry inspired her to pursue a Master of Architecture from The University of Virginia that would allow her to apply her multi-disciplinary education while practicing her passion for the art of making. She is motivated by the combination of creative and technical potentials of architecture including the exploitation of constraints at different scales. Jae brings unique experience, creative problem solving and invigorating ideas with an interest in practical architecture to Duda|Paine.


Why did you choose Duda|Paine?

I was a winter extern and a summer intern before my full-time position at Duda Paine. I appreciated the commitment to client needs and the design process for beautiful and practical architecture. There is a great culture of mentorship and collaboration within the firm that keeps everyone improving together.


Anything else you think we should know about you?

Before going to architecture school, my published research was about ethics and policy in cancer gene testing. Once I was done with my paper, I found myself looking for a profession that would let me use my multi-disciplinary education while bringing me closer to the art of making.