Duda Paine Architect Spotlight: Jill Hathorn Shares Her Story
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Jill Hathorn, AIA


Jill’s background in the arts and nonprofit organizations brings exceptional sensitivity to the architectural design process and to design projects. A devoted collaborator, her passion for sustainability and energy efficiency extends from her student work through to the projects she is designing today. Jill fosters creativity and imagination in Duda|Paine’s studio culture and to answering the functional needs of projects and users.


Favorite Duda|Paine project?

The Emory Campus Life Center is truly inspiring. The building is the new heart of the campus and designed to draw students, faculty and potential students to a central location, where they can experience what the university is all about. The site is extremely complicated topographically and contextually, and the design gracefully addresses these complexities. The building is both grand and inviting, and the spaces inside are exciting and dynamic. It’s also an incredibly smart building. It utilizes time-tested as well as cutting-edge sustainability strategies that save a remarkable amount of energy.


What aspect of your job are you most motivated by?

I’m passionate about designing buildings that respond to the natural environment to conserve energy and natural resources. I’m also inspired by user experience; I love to put myself into the mind of the user and create rich, interesting experiences aesthetically, socially and functionally.