Marlen Veith, Architectural Planner at Duda Paine Architects
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Marlen Veith, LEED Green Assoc.


Marlen brings international experience in planning and architecture and a broad understanding of urban context and growth to the firm’s projects. As an advocate for revitalization and place-making, she seeks to develop sustainable campuses and cities and create buildings that engage the community at a human scale. A native of Germany, Marlen received a Master of Architecture with a focus on Urban Design at the University of Technology in Dresden.


Favorite Duda|Paine project?

The variety of projects in this office is enormous: scale, location, purpose, approach, end-user, etc., so it’s impossible to pick one. A current favorite is Talley Student Union, because it’s clear the building unifies that campus and defines a new center for its population. Talley’s strong connection between inside and outside is one of its many, well executed, attributes. The Terminus ensemble in Atlanta is also on my list, as it expresses a fun exploration of form and shape, as they relate to each other and the surrounding context.


What attracted you to the architectural field?

My father urged me to consider Architecture and Urban Design. These disciplines are an expression of ideas, a reflection of culture and time, and about the creation of space—our environment. I also love that architects face diverse design challenges that are never solved the same way!


What aspect of your job are you most interested in?

My passion is in large-scale design projects such as urban master plans.