Olga Zakharova

Olga Zakharova


While growing up in Russia, Olga found a gateway into the field of architectural design when she expressed an interest in painting and descriptive geometry drafting at an early age. She is particularly attracted to the way the design process simultaneously allows for creativity while demanding precision and attention to detail.

Olga especially appreciates Duda|Paine projects that engage visitors through the manipulation of natural light and that establish dynamic language and geometry. She is particularly attracted to the interplay between a structure’s facade and the interior spaces within.

Among all aspects of architectural design, Olga is most interested in the evolution of the building process, beginning with the initial design concept, through the rendering and modeling stages, culminating in construction. This progression from the intangible to the tangible continuously motivates and inspires her.

Master of Architecture, Princeton University
Bachelor of Architecture, Woodbury University