Our Talented Architectural Team: Meet Accounting Specialist, Lisa Hall.
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Skylar Kitchen


Skylar brings a love of learning and a desire to positively impact the lives of others to his work in Duda|Paine’s studio. An enthusiasm for new and more efficient processes has resulted in his expanded expertise in design technology including virtual reality, coding and traditional design platforms as well as motion graphics and digital art. Skylar received a Bachelor of Architecture and a Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture from the College of Design at NC State University. His skill at diverse modes of architectural representation and cutting-edge technologies make him an asset in bringing designs to life for clients and competitions.


What aspect of your job most interests you?

Tinkering, learning new and more efficient ways of making things and positively affecting people’s lives.


What attracted you to architecture?

Architecture is inherently a world-building endeavor—it presents the potential to transport us into new worlds, new ways of working and new experiences.


What community organizations are you involved in?

I’m a sergeant and part-time soldier in the National Guard, which is both challenging and rewarding.