Motivations of an architectural associate: Steven Haardt
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Steven Haardt, AIA

Senior Associate

Steven brings extensive professional practice and expertise in design and digital representation to Duda|Paine projects. His passion for innovative construction methods and balancing architectural form and its relationship to the landscape is informed by extensive research and his experience on numerous award-winning projects and competitions.


What attracted you to the architectural field?

Growing up near New York City played a significant role that drew me to the profession. The ability to shape the environment in a manner that can have a positive effect on people’s lives is something I find profound about architecture. Creating spaces that are both unique and meaningful are important aspects of skillful design.


What aspect of your job are you most motivated by?

I enjoy the nature of creative discovery through making, research and observation that become the embodiment of an architectural idea.


Anything else you’d like to share?

I enjoy spending time with my family, designing furniture, playing the drums, working on my house, snowboarding and watching the NY Yankees.