Chris Bitsas

Jordan Skube


Jordan visually communicates the firm’s architectural ideas to instill a sense of place, facilitate a building’s narrative and foster a strong conversation between people and their environment. Her work on proposals, graphic materials and branding builds context and strengthens the presence of Duda|Paine’s projects.

Jordan is inspired by the power of nature and placemaking, and how those ideas can be translated into architecture. She enjoys creating work that has a physical purpose. Her interest in graphic design came to fruition when she became the Design Manager for Binghamton University’s newspaper, where she was able to see her editorial layouts, illustrations and promotional materials transform into a print medium. At Duda|Paine, she aims to create a unique identity for the firm through intentional color, type, form and imagery.

Bachelor of Arts, Art & Design (Specialty in Graphic Design), Binghamton University

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration (Concentration in Marketing), Binghamton University