Sarah Hernandez

Sarah E. Hernandez |  ASSOC. AIA

Director | Marketing, PR & Business Development

Sarah approaches professional services marketing with a passion for furthering the creative work of designers and advancing their potential to generate innovative solutions for clients. She is motivated by the firm’s studio culture and the ever-changing nature of its project work. A decisive and strategic thinker, Sarah is driven to expand awareness of the firm’s expertise and talent to new markets and clients.

Looking toward the future—at the projects clients are looking for designers to create—excites Sarah because she seeks to understand how the firm might approach the problem and envision the design solution they would generate. She is energized by working with a team of people who think quickly and successfully overcome challenges as they arise.

Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Michigan State University
Minor in Finance

Women’s Leadership Initiative Steering Committee
Urban Land Institute Triangle
Eno River Academy Board