The Casitas, Palisades Garden Pavilion

Austin, Texas

The Casitas Pavilion was created to provide space for employees to pause from their workday and venture outside. Located between two office buildings on a headquarters campus, the pavilion is part of a landscaped garden placed on top of the complex’s multilevel parking structure.

The form and composition of the pavilion reflect its goal of embracing nature. The structure’s limestone walls reflect the rich geological history revealed during site excavation. A layered roof system composed of planes of zinc-coated metal roofing and wooden shade trellises provide protection from the Texas sun. The walls’ rough and smooth texture invite touch, while their varied heights define pathways and shelter users from southern winds. Wooden benches, a stone table and other elements appear as extensions of the walls to promote a variety of activities. An oval walking trail—part of a masterplan design for the site’s varied topography—connects the pavilion with other campus buildings and has been quickly embraced as a feature in the company’s wellness program.

The Casitas, Palisades Garden Pavilion
The Casitas, Palisades Garden Pavilion

Completion Date

November 2012

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