University of Virginia Student Health & Wellness Center by Duda|Paine
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UVA Student Health & Wellness Center

The University of Virginia Student Health and Wellness Center, designed by Duda|Paine Architects and VMDO, is part of the first phase of development for the Brandon Avenue Master Plan, a mixed-use neighborhood organized around a network of pedestrian paths and a featured landscaped bioretention area. The site for the new Student Health and Wellness Center was specifically selected for its proximity to the historic Academical Village, as well as for its unobstructed views to the mountains beyond.


The Student Health and Wellness Center will replace the existing Elson Student Health Center and will serve expanding needs while highlighting wellness and prevention. The primary goal of the Student Health and Wellness Center will be to weave student life and health together in new and visionary ways, creating a strong sense of community to support a new model for prevention and social interaction focused on health and wellness. The four-story steel building is organized as an extension of the street network. This allows students to engage and interact with public programs on the ground floor of the building, including the pharmacy, multi-purpose space, teaching kitchen and living room. This is also a space shared by students and staff visiting the other departments in the building. These include the Office of Health Promotion, the Student Disability Access Center, General Medicine, Kinesiology, and Counseling and Psychological services.  It is this synergy between the public outreach programs in the building, supported by departments addressing physical and mental health, that allow the Student Health and Wellness Center to expand the functions of a traditional student health center by creating a destination holistically focused on student wellbeing.


The University of Virginia Student Health and Wellness Center’s estimated completion date is Spring 2021.






Charlottesville, Virginia


170,000 sf