1950 & 2000 Opportunity Way

Reston, Virginia

 Located two blocks from the capital at the convergence of four city districts, Raleigh Crossing, the new mixeduse development at 301 Hillsborough, will become the nexus of a diverse urban environment. A sleek, curved façade culminates in a towering office building that brings new dynamism to a primary urban corridor and the Raleigh skyline.

When completed, the project will consist of three separate towers extruding from a podium parking garage and retail base. The cohesive design of the towers unifies the campus and the base of the building draws from its surrounding context to create an architectural richness and diversity at street level. Outdoor seating provides opportunities for public interaction, activating the corners of the site and enhancing the existing urban conditions.



611,000 sf Tower A

420,000 sf Tower B


Completion Date

September 2021

1950 & 2000 Opportunity Way at Reston Gateway
1950 & 2000 Opportunity Way at Reston Gateway

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