Duda Paine's Talented Architectural Team: Meet Dino Padron
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Dino Padron


Dino believes architecture should unify and clarify design ideas into aesthetically pleasing and logical project solutions. He helps Duda|Paine’s studio establish new and effective techniques for enhancing and executing project requirements, while fostering experimentation and interaction among team members.


Favorite Duda|Paine project?

Two projects are tied for favorite. First, Frost Bank Tower. Having lived and studied architecture in Austin, I’ve witnessed the tower’s striking silhouette against a bright blue and clear night sky; in addition, its unique character has had a significant role in Austin’s contemporary construction boom. Second is NCR World Headquarters. Much like Frost Bank, the project cements itself as a truly contemporary addition to Atlanta’s urban fabric. Its faceted facades are accented by a high attention to detail, both in the connections that form its clean, sharp edges and in the transition between opaque and transparent surfaces that reveals and conceals the building’s inner workings.


What attracted you to the architectural field?

I consider architecture an art, where concepts are explored and boundaries are pushed. Architecture requires ego and pride, but like any other art, it also requires an understanding of community, priority and the issues facing the world at large.


What aspect of your job most interests you?

One of the biggest challenges designers face is producing documentation that conveys the technical aspects of a design while capturing and evoking the feelings, drama and energy of an idea.