Heidi Kippenhan

Hugo siaudzionis  


Hugo sees architecture as a way to share and build experiences through powerful placemaking, wayfinding and giving users the freedom of choice through flexible spaces. His experience growing up in Brazil’s humid, sub-tropical environment empowers him to explore sustainable design alternatives that alleviate the negative effects a warming climate can have on building users.

Hugo enjoys engaging clients using a variety of mediums that clearly communicate architectural ideas and experiential spaces. At the University of Texas at Austin, Hugo was nominated for a School of Architecture Design Excellence award after designing an Alpine Research Center for Ötzi the Iceman who was mummified in ice during the last Ice Age and has since thawed out in the climate change of the Anthropocene Era. The project spoke to humanity’s role in the world, from humble beginnings to engineering marvels and changing environments. He also received an honorable mention for designing guesthouses that could withstand sub-tropical weather, harkening back to his Brazilian roots.

As an intern at the firm, Hugo helped develop UNC Pembroke’s Master Plan and contributed to competitions for high-rise commercial work. As a designer, Hugo is excited to continue developing his master planning and concept development experience using tools like 3D modeling, REVIT and visual walkthroughs that give the user a sense of place.

Bachelor of Architecture, University of Texas at Austin