Shannon Robinson

Shannon Robinson  |  AIA

Senior Associate

Shannon’s engineering and construction background prior to entering the architectural field allows her to approach design problems from a singular perspective. She values sustainable and equitable practices in the built environment and strives to push projects, clients and the firm to continue to grow and think critically about these issues. Skilled in a diverse array of representational technology, including BIM and parametric modeling, her work addresses the qualities of both human and urban scale.

Shannon’s parents built their family home from the ground up, and her experiences in construction throughout her upbringing shaped her worldview: that anything can come from nothing through the power of making. She improves the quality and experience of a space by considering the project’s effects on its context, users and environment.

She serves as a juror on reviews for architectural studio courses and visits career fairs at her alma mater, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She is inspired by the improvements in architectural education and is constantly motivated by her peers to continue to produce meaningful work.

Master of Architecture, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Columbia University