UNC Asheville Master Plan

Asheville, North Carolina

The master planning process for UNC Asheville was intensely collaborative and analytical, engaging a university master plan steering committee, landscape designers, engineering consultants, students and the Ashville community. Assessment and analysis of physical, cultural and social aspects of the existing campus, existing buildings and peripheral properties addressed topics from transportation and open spaces to community engagement and student life. Presentations, surveys, online questionnaires and engagement sessions allowed students and the community to provide feedback.

Four organizing principles were identified: expanding campus visibility and access, transforming the navigational experience on campus, enhancing the heart of campus, and ensuring a campus-wide liberal arts and sciences experience. Five master plan goals—aspire to pride of place, create coherence, strive for quality, promote environmental stewardship, and foster an integrated academic community—inform a comprehensive plan capable of guiding UNC Asheville and enhancing how the university is perceived for the next 30 years and beyond.

UNC Asheville Master Plan


365 acres